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Author Topic: Match with /V/  (Read 1683 times)


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Match with /V/
« on: October 07, 2008, 20:22:10 PM »
Sup Evils..

Some of you probably seen me around ver080 from time to time. You all are pretty formidible and I'd like to see our clans clash it out. Only thing is that us /V/'s frag in ver071.  I don't know how we can work that out but I wanted to know if you were interested. Perhaps we can begin to reunite players from each of the OA versions. :-D



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Re: Match with /V/
« on: October 08, 2008, 22:08:59 PM »
Hey Hitman.

Why some ppl. play OA 071?  :o

080 is better than all before. :D

- the mouse does dont suck (btw. i like the mouse on 077)

- some new maps

- more crosshairs

- new models

- some new players and servers  :)

- sago with mines is no problem on clanmatches, we use the new oasago2f6

- some new clans!!!

- some unlagged servers eu/us

When your team play on 080, we can made a clanwar  ;) ;D

PS: sry for my bad english :)