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bfgarena map
« on: November 03, 2008, 01:58:00 AM »
Nice tiny ctf map with bfg, flags and rl. It looks very simple: just get the bfg, rush and shoot.
Every side has 3 respawn points: 2 below near the flag with a bfg near each and 1 in the house above the flag with bfg and 2 ammo boxes in it. You can get into the house from outside via 2 "elevators" from both sides of it.

Simple, eh?
There is a big hole in defence that each side has and noobs and crowd do not even suspect that. An enemy attacker can filter into house and do as many respawn frags as he wants. Of course it screws up all the defence and the team loses flags one after another. Funny that:
- even if you kill the same player on respawn, he notices you only after you killed him 5-10 times (this is omg!);
- the player who respawns downstairs never cares about how thing are going in house even if you killed him 10 times before on resp (crowd  :( )
- nobody ever cares about enemy who's running not head on to the flag (and when there is a mess everywhere, looks like noone uses brain even for a second)

There are 2 ways to lose on this map: to lose a flag(s), to lose the house. This IS important! Remeber this and never allow anyone to rape your ass.  8)

We started 6x6. I heard much more harsh language on almost every world lang. then ever in oa before they understood that I must be killed before they run for the flag. That was omg  :o